Wine Storage

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about cellaring or storing wine. In this hot, dry country of ours, very few of us have access to that bluestone farmhouse in the hills complete with an extensive network of temperature-stable underground cellars! But there is an answer! For as little as $3 per case per month, you can let the team at Rathdowne Cellars take care of things.

Managed Wine Storage

Our cellar is located only a few minutes drive from the shop in Carlton North. The facility has state-of-the-art temperature-controlled conditions all year round. An ideal environment for maturing premium wines. The cellar is fully security monitored and insurance is available at a very competitive rate. And best of all, your irreplaceable collection of goodies is kept well out of the way of temptation - so that last bottle of Rousseau Chambertin may just make it to your daughter’s 21st after all!

Basically we look after your wine, from storing, to cataloguing to making sure it gets better with age (ok so we can’t guarantee that one). You can drop your wine into us, arrange to have it delivered, or simply have us store your next purchase for the ultimate in easy handling.

For further details about our managed wine storage, contact Cameron Kidd on (03) 9349 3366. Alternately email us to make an enquiry about our cellaring facilities.

Wine Cabinets

If you prefer to have your wines on hand when special occasions arise, but still want them kept in perfect cellar conditions, a wine cabinet may be the thing for you.
Please contact us to discuss availbility of various sizes brands of Wine Storage units.